In 1995 the Pugwash Conferences and one of it’s cofunders Sir Joseph Rotblatt received The Nobels Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize was given in recognition of decades of tireless work to reduce the threat of nuclear war and ultimately elimination of nuclear and weapons of mass destruction.
Starting with the first international conference held in 1957 in Pugwash, Canada, the Pugwash conferences has brought influential scientists and public personalities together. Persons who all are worried about the danger of armed conflicts and therefore are looking for peaceful solutions to global problems.

Today there are worldwide more than 40 nationale Pugwash groups and even four permanent offices in Rome, London, Geneva and Washington DC.
The current president of Pugwash is Prof. MS Swaminathan of India, Secretary General is Prof. Poalo Cotta-Ramusina from Italy, managing Director Jefferey Boutwell from US and the president og Pugwash council is prof. Marie Müller from South Africa.

Inspired by the Russel-Einstein manifesto of 1995 and based on the principle of individual responsibility of scientists work, the Pugwash Conferences has in the last 45 years been working towards the dual goal: To eliminate nuclear weapons and to seek peaceful solutions to international conflicts. The forthcoming development in science, technology and international politics in the 21st century means that these principles and objectives are more relevant than ever.